Waldraud One Year Anniversary on Saturday, October 13, 14-20 O'Clock

We will entertain you with two of our designers holding mini lectures:

- Jennie Peiz,
founder & designer of Kraud, 15 - 15.30 o’clock
- Christof Plümacher,
photographer & current exhibitor, 16.30 - 17 o’clock

From 17.30 o’clock onwards, a light buffet will be ready for you.

We would like to thank you for a great first year with 10% on all items.

See you next Saturday!

Cheers - Ann, Daniel & Lorenz

To give us a rough idea of the number of guests, you can
join the event on facebook

Josefstrasse 142
8005 Zurich
waldraud.com (http://www.waldraud.com/)

Visit us on facebook.com/waldraud (http://www.facebook.com/waldraud)

11-19 o'clock
10-17 o'clock

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