Linda‘s Sexcolumn – Clean and sparkly

Intimate care is important; some take it a little too seriously though.

Sex is considered to be something filthy. Still, a certain amount of hygiene is necessary, or all the fun will be replaced by disgust. I am totally pro-body care: If a guy doesn’t care much for showers, he won’t get anywhere near my bedroom. However, some people go overkill with cleanliness, as my friend’s story about a one-night-stand with a fanatic shows.

A while ago she spent a weekend in Berlin. At a rave party she met someone who seemed nice and normal. Since people tend to be more adventurous and spontaneous when on vacation, this was reason enough for my friend to follow him to his apartment half an hour after they had met. The risk – and also the allure – of one-night-stands is that one never knows who exactly this person is with whom one is romping between the sheets. The guy my friend went home with so cluelessly could in theory have been a psycho killer. That wasn’t the case, of course. He was just a teeny bit nuts.

They went straight to the bedroom, undressed while kissing frantically, and then – he grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom. “I’ll run a nice, relaxing bubble bath for you”, he said cheerfully. She was baffled, but agreed to it because she thought both of them would enjoy the hot water and have an erotic tub session together. When all was prepared, however, he wished her a lot of fun and left the room to watch some TV.

Was he giving her a broad hint? Did she smell badly? Quickly she checked but her odor was normal. She considered what to do. In the end she climbed – mildly confused – into the full tub. After ten minutes he came knocking at the door. “That’ll do, you can come out now.” They finally had sex after that and surprisingly in quite a normal way, whatever that means. He, by the way, had reeked of smoke and alcohol. Therefore the bathtub campaign couldn’t be explained by a germ phobia. More likely it was some kind of weird fetish. Oh well, there are worse!

As I said, hygiene – to a normal extent – is the essential thing. But sex can’t always be planned beforehand. Sometimes you have to seize the moment. There’s no time for a quick shower then of course. Sweat is part of the game and frankly, we all like to get dirty once in a while, right?

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