Linda’s Sexcolumn – A nation of early shaggers?

16.3 years old he is supposed to be, the national average Joe when he first has sex – a questionable number.

According to a dubious research study the average Swiss nowadays is 16.3 years old when they have sex for the first time. Dubious because neither me nor anyone I know – and I now a lot of people! – has ever been asked to give answer in the context of a research study. Also, the number seems quite small, considering the age of consent in Switzerland is sixteen. In Vatican City it is only twelve, by the way. 16.3 is not that young but since sex is only legal from the age of fourteen on upwards (of course that doesn’t mean that everyone obeys to the rules) and there are a lot of late starters, I doubt the accuracy of this figure. While it is open at the top, there is only limited room downwards. That’s not quite true, some of you might think, as sometime between puberty and early adulthood everyone does it eventually. Wrong. There are people who even graduate from university unfucked. And I am not just speaking about theology students and aspiring priests.

Not too long ago, I met a girl who had had her first time when she was twenty-four. I am all for not putting pressure on yourself and waiting until you are ready for sex, but did that really take twenty-four years for her? Apparently yes. It just never tempted her before. Actually, she had always thought of herself as asexual until one day she made an effort and gave it a shot. She then noticed that sex had its good reputation for a reason. Now she is eagerly catching up on lost time.

There are even more extreme examples: Another acquaintance still counts as a virgin and she is already twenty-eight. She is neither asexual, nor butt ugly, nor a prude – on the contrary! She enjoys watching porn and masturbates regularly. It’s only partner sex she is not interested in. Why? She is waiting for the right guy, so she claims. That is of course very praiseworthy in the age of peer pressure and also kind of cute. But how much longer is she willing to wait? Sex with the wrong guy can also be quite enjoyable.

To keep up the 16.3 average, there would then have to be a counterpart to my twenty-eight-year-old virginal friend that had their cherry popped by the tender age of 4.6. Not a very realistic idea. This shows that said figure is either pure invention, too little people were questioned, or the interviewees weren’t all that truthful. It’s probably a little bit of all three. Whether twelve or forty-two – the important thing is that you feel ready and won’t let yourself be pressured by anyone or anything - especially so-called “average values”. Take it easy kids! Age is just a number.

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