Galerie Peter Kilchmann

Galerie Peter Kilchmann

Some companies hang up a world map tacked full of colored pins in their head offices. The pins mark their branch offices, joint ventures and other successful moves of expansion. Peter Kilchmann, our focus of attention how-ever, is not the head of a global affiliated group, but a gallery owner. His office is decorated with works of art, such as photographs, drawings and paintings. Yet if there would be a world map, it would be peppered with pins after 15 years of gallery activities. The blue and yellow ones would mark partnerships with other galleries as well as participations at art fairs and the locations of private and institutional art collectors. These are, unsurprisingly, scattered over the continents. Along with the pins representing the collectors and the gallery’s most significant brands, the most important pins would be the red ones: They stand for all the artists Peter Kilchmann works with. There would be a striking agglomeration in Latin America, especially in Mexico and self-evidently also in Switzerland, on the Balkans, in Germany and in the United States.






Peter Kilchmann




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